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Have been slowly moving forward with my experiment to create stainless steel based plates. Today I plan to finalize the cutting templates so I can cut up the 1’x2′ piece I had plated. The plan is to use 1/16″ acrylic laser-cut templates to guide the cutting on the 40″ hydraulic shear at TechShop. The real challenge is cutting accurately, with the goal being an error of less than 1/32″. I am going to send a few of the sixth plates to friends for testing. The real challenge will be cutting the 35 mm microplates I want as the cutting takes place entirely out of view under the blade guard.

Glass by the pound

Found an unidentified large lens on eBay for about $9 per pound. The glass appears flawless and it seems to have a focal length of around 12″ and an exit diameter of about 3.5″ making it in the neighborhood of f 3.4 crudely calculated. Might work for 8×10 based its apparent coverage circle (once I make a brawny enough camera to carry it – it weighs 7.5 pounds)). That is a far future project however as I am still refining my ability to do 35mm and sixth plate.

TechShop San Francisco

TechShop San Francisco

First visit to TechShop San Francisco yesterday for the Angular Sheetmetal class. Got checked out on the 50 inch hydraulic shear, the similarly sized bending brake, a Beverly and straight manual shear, turret punch and spot welder. Part of the long trail of getting a better source of plates. TechShop is a fantastic resource. I’m not sure I have enough free time to make membership worthwhile yet, but I do plan to keep taking classes and perhaps going on a day-use basis if that is allowed. TechShop only has a few locataions in the US, but it is well worth checking out if you are anywhere near one. The URL is

Shutters & etc.

Continuing my progress on preparing to do 4×5 daguerreotypes. The camera currently only has a “hat shutter” so I have been looking at available shutters for my large lens – the only new one available seems to be the Packard shutter. This item, still made by the son of the creator is available for $850 in the size of interest to me. Time to save up, time to watch ebay, time to let the design ideas start disturbing my sleep again.

I also made a trip to Home Depot today for a domestic repair item and picked up some JB weld for bromine testing. Maybe that will be rugged enough to line fuming boxes with sheet glass. I’m also planning on testing some for adhesion to a scrap of textured PTFE I have left over.

Three day weekends are great.

Second Furlough Day

Not much to say about today that isn’t already in the Lab Notes. I didn’t quite make my eight hour committment. Oh well, “stuff” happens. In addition it was very overcast today, so I’m not sure how well a Becquerel daguerreotype would have developed. Nevertheless progess was made – and never mind perfection.