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Since I am now an editor there, I have decided to provide links on this page to  The resource pages, the articles, the forum and the wiki there are a much better source of information for beginning daguerreotypists than I am able to provide on my own here.

Please check them out, and return to for updates on my continued progress toward becoming a daguerreotypist.

Resource Page

3 Responses to “Questions & Answers”

  1. Harry Miktarian says:

    … Did digital claim another victim? It’s OK, your still my favorite Boss :)

  2. admin says:

    Absolutely – when I hit 30,000 saved images and was spending up to three days on single image PhotoShop edits, I decided to take a step back. Waaay back. To 1839 to be exact. Twin job work demands have brought this site to a crawl for quite some time, but retirement awaits :) You were a great worker Harry, you always were nice and pretended I was telling you what to do and then you went out and got done what was really needed :) – but before too very long my “boss” days will be over and it will be full-time daguerreotypes. :)

  3. Harry Miktarian says:

    I hear you, thats where I am at…thousands of photos and I spend inordinate amounts of time in Lightroom and PS. I too stepped back but in my case I picked up learning Clawhammer Banjo :) I just bought a film scanner so might break out my old 35mm and 120 cameras again…but more than likely will stick to digital out of laziness. the house I am renting right now has a darkroom in the spider filled garage with enlarger and whole bit. ten years ago this would have been a fantasy…now I am too busy to even clean it up! (three kids under 10 will do that too you). Look forward to seeing you handy work when you retire.

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