Contemporary Daguerreotypists:
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Angel Gilding – Mirror plating supplies, friendly tech support – PTFE & PFA Fluoropolymer Labware

Professional Organizations:
The Daguerrian Society – Organization to promote Daguerreotypes

Process: – A discussion of alternative Daguerreotype Plates
Jason Greenberg Motamedi – excellent discussion of the becquerel process with other links/references

Phil & Sandi McCourt – A record of a home-built 8×10 view camera

Antique Daguerreotypes:
Library of Congress – Daguerreotype collection

The Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre – A novel by Dominic Smith
Primitive Photography – Cameras and Calotypes by Alan Green
The American Handbook of the Daguerreotype – S.D. Humphrey 1858
The Daguerreotype: Nineteenth-Century Technology and Modern Science – Susan Barger and William B. White . Written for collectors but of great utility to daguerreotypists.

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