Category: Daguerreotype Diary

Happy Anniversary!

Today is (more or less) the day that in 1839 saw the public announcement of the daguerreotype process. Thank you Louis and Joseph!

Free time!

Having some time off from work. Have created what (I hope!) are the final cutting templates for the stainless steel dag plate project. Also picked up an odd Packard type shutter on e-Bay that I may try to replicate in acrylic. Also spending some time on finalizing the sixth plate camera and experimenting with creating some painted glass passe-partout.

Two days of laser prep

Two straight days of prepping plans for laser cutting. Steel plate cutting templates, lens mounts and film holder mounts for the B&J 8×10 and some experimental 35mm plate holders made out of 1/32 ABS. Not quite done, but should be good to go when Pagoda Arts reopens after vacation time. A great leap forward.

Cutting and Welding

Did a dry run today of the new plate cutting templates at Tech Shop. Ran into some problems with the first cut and had to back off on the production run. Need to make some template adjustments. The good news is that the cutting is three times as precise as it needs to be. Finished off the day with a TIG welding class. Lots more practice needed, but the basics don’t seem too difficult.


Have been slowly moving forward with my experiment to create stainless steel based plates. Today I plan to finalize the cutting templates so I can cut up the 1’x2′ piece I had plated. The plan is to use 1/16″ acrylic laser-cut templates to guide the cutting on the 40″ hydraulic shear at TechShop. The real challenge is cutting accurately, with the goal being an error of less than 1/32″. I am going to send a few of the sixth plates to friends for testing. The real challenge will be cutting the 35 mm microplates I want as the cutting takes place entirely out of view under the blade guard.