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Google is celebrating Daguerre’s 224th birthday with a new doodle. See the Christian Science Monitor article.

Mercury Pot Plate Holders

I’m still working on equipment to start making mercury developed daguerreotypes. Today I glued up the laser-cut acrylic plate holders for my mercury pot. These  holders sit between the dual darkslides and hold the plates during development One holds up to four sixth plates and the other holds up to four of my self-named 35 mm “mini-plates”. Each plate window has a fitted closure so the plate openings can be closed off if not needed. More blue tape engineering to keep them in place when used. A small gallery has a very few kind of hard to see photos.

Also this weekend I put into service a mercury vapor analyzer that I picked up on eBay. This will allow me to sample the air in my lab periodically to ensure that my fume hood is working properly. Safety first.


Here is my latest effort, a portrait of my wife Sarah.


Sarah - Plate 1011

This was taken with I2 fuming 23 Sec to golden yellow, 10 Sec exposure @ f1.7 EV 14.5 @ ISO 100, Becquerel development for two hours. Overall I like it, the only defect is that the highlights on the cheekbones are slightly blown.

This plate as with the two previous posts was taken on silvered glass. I will be posting an article on my methods fairly soon on CDags.org.




Here is the next installment of the images I worked on over the holiday break. Exposure continues to be a challenge. By going to the gallery you can compare this image to one I took earlier. The first image is rather badly overexposed, the second one (above)  I was happy with.


Spent my time on the holiday break finishing a conversion of my equipment to take 35 mm plates. I decided that smaller is better for now – it let’s me work using much less expensive plates, and use a better lens than I have in my large format camera. I made enough keepers to justify getting a scanner which I set up tonight. Only time to scan one, but I will post more soon.

Nutcrackers (Plate 1006)

Nutcrackers (Plate 1006)