Lasersaur, the new open source laser cutter from Nortd Labs. Finally a precision cutting machine within reach… (a long reach, but at an order of magnitude less than prior costs for an equal sized machine). Check it out at at

Now I’m off to the laser cutting class at TechLab SF.

TechShop San Francisco

TechShop San Francisco

First visit to TechShop San Francisco yesterday for the Angular Sheetmetal class. Got checked out on the 50 inch hydraulic shear, the similarly sized bending brake, a Beverly and straight manual shear, turret punch and spot welder. Part of the long trail of getting a better source of plates. TechShop is a fantastic resource. I’m not sure I have enough free time to make membership worthwhile yet, but I do plan to keep taking classes and perhaps going on a day-use basis if that is allowed. TechShop only has a few locataions in the US, but it is well worth checking out if you are anywhere near one. The URL is