Prototype Fuming Box

Sliding Box Plate Fumer

I have been working for a while on a prototype sixth plate fuming box to replace one I had. This one is unusual in that the iodine and bromine containers are movable and can slide under the plate without having to move it from box to box. It is constructed of modern materials (Acrylic and Type II PVC). It also features a laser cut acrylic plate holder that is designed to mount directly onto an 8×10 view camera and be held in place with rare earth magnets. Since it is a little hard to discern how it works from the photo gallery, I have also made a short video that can be seen here. Please excuse the primitive production values.  I will report in again when I have had a chance to test the box in action.

35 mm Plate Holder

35 mm Plate Holder

Have been working slowly on a general equipment upgrade. Today I spent about an hour creating a plate holder for my 35mm Pentax that will take the mini-plates I plan to use in getting up to speed with mercury developed daguerreotypes. This is cut from a piece of 0.02 inch polycarbonate. I made it the same width as a piece of 35mm film I had laying around and cut it to a length that made sense for the camera model. Highly engineered blue tape fastenings. Not so pretty, but does the job.