Here is my latest effort, a portrait of my wife Sarah.


Sarah - Plate 1011

This was taken with I2 fuming 23 Sec to golden yellow, 10 Sec exposure @ f1.7 EV 14.5 @ ISO 100, Becquerel development for two hours. Overall I like it, the only defect is that the highlights on the cheekbones are slightly blown.

This plate as with the two previous posts was taken on silvered glass. I will be posting an article on my methods fairly soon on CDags.org.




Here is the next installment of the images I worked on over the holiday break. Exposure continues to be a challenge. By going to the gallery you can compare this image to one I took earlier. The first image is rather badly overexposed, the second one (above)  I was happy with.


Spent my time on the holiday break finishing a conversion of my equipment to take 35 mm plates. I decided that smaller is better for now – it let’s me work using much less expensive plates, and use a better lens than I have in my large format camera. I made enough keepers to justify getting a scanner which I set up tonight. Only time to scan one, but I will post more soon.

Nutcrackers (Plate 1006)

Nutcrackers (Plate 1006)