Buffing Paddles Redux

Well, in the course of making a backup of TheDaguerreotypist this morning I wiped out some crucial WordPress files and brought down the whole site. Thank goodness for ISP’s that make periodic backups without being asked! After the restore I had everything except the most recent post about making a pair of buffing paddles. The pictures of the process are here.

The goal was to make a simple paddle that could be easily replicated in larger sizes, and had a system for holding on the covering cloth in a way that kept tension on the covering and also allowed the cover to be easily changed. The base material is a 1/2″ softwood board with a layer of felt glued to it. It is covered with Ultrasuede. The Ultrasuede has sewn in pockets to hold some pieces of 1/8″ steel rod that in turn are the anchors for a set of four steel springs. I also tried a string and spring version and a rubber band version, neither one of which worked very well.

The dimensions are not critical, you only need to make sure there is enough distance between the two steel rods so that the springs are under some tension. The free ends just tuck under the springs. The whole shebang just sits on the workbench and a plate held with a suction tool is rubbed back and forth along the top. It doesn’t move around much when polishing sixth plates. It might need some kind of hold-down in bigger sizes.

We will see how well it holds up in use. Now off to make a new ground glass for my camera to replace the one that fell out on my foot.  This was not my best day ever.

Webmail just crashed.Wondering…

Webmail just crashed.Wondering about crowdsourcing IT governance and having stuff that works.

Thinking about what it means t…

Thinking about what it means that my dtr sent and rcvd 4983 IM’s this month

Happy SMS Tweets work

Happy SMS Tweets work

Testing tweeting by phone

Testing tweeting by phone