A Fine Busy Day

A warm and sunny day is a treat in the Bay Area in mid-winter. We are supposed to be unhappy it isn’t raining because we are likely to have drought conditions this summer, but I just couldn’t mope around properly – too many daguerreian projects were beckoning. Read more »

Gilding Stand

After a couple of false starts I have finally succeeded in completing my gilding stand design. This unit is made entirely from off the shelf hardware and will adjust to plate sizes from ninth plate to 8″x10″.  The gallery contains pictures that show the construction details. The construction requires very little machining – the aluminum bar stock that makes up the base was cut to 1 ft. lengths on a table saw and drilled to accommodate the 1/4″-20 threaded rod that makes up the legs of the stand. The turnbuckle bodies were drilled and tapped to accommodate the 6-32 threaded rod that make the plate supports. Cap nuts, wing nuts and star washers are the remaining ingredients. Read more »

Artist Reveals All

Here it is, the information you have been waiting for – the unvarnished truth, the painfully slow progess, the blind alleys, the cost overruns, the wandering around in Home Depot with only a vague plan of attack — finally laid bare in this tell-all post… Read more »