Work demands have kept me away from daguerreotypes for a few days except for regularly checking into ContemporaryDaguerreotypes and DagForum. I never miss a daily dose there. :) While I was waiting Read more »

The Lineage of Iodine

I finished reading The Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre tonight and by coincidence the iodine I had ordered from the Photographer’s Formulary arrived about an hour later. I was surprised by Read more »

$1000 per 1/2 gram

Ground Glass clipNot much to look at considering the cost I know, but there it is. The clip that holds the ground glass on the B&J Grover 8×10 camera I am “restoring”. I’m missing one. I went on emachineshop.com the other day and had a grand time learning their free design software and mocking up my little brass part. Unfortunately when I ran the price calculator it came out to be Read more »

Father’s Day

Today is “Father’s Day” in the USA and so my family made a nice fuss over me this morning. My wife presented me with Read more »

Untold Riches

I have been off the air for a few days because of the recent flood Read more »