Silver or Gold?

I sent an email yesterday to a silversmith in the city to ask about getting 5-4″x5″ copper plates coated to 12 microns on one side with pure silver Read more »

Painting and Polishing

Household chores have taken the bear’s share of the weekend so Read more »

Waiting and Studying

The news came this morning that the camera body had been shipped. Small frisson of excitement…. Doesn’t do Read more »

Hold the Cardboard Camera!

BandJ_8x10_camera Well it looks like eBay (and Midwest Photo Exchange) have saved me for the moment from experimenting with cardboard cameras. I found an old B&J Grover 8×10 monorail camera body and picked it up for $140. Like most things that come in a bit cheaper Read more »

A New (to me) Resource

Thanks to Jonathan Danforth for the link to Read more »