Full Steam Ahead

Received a very kind return email from Charlie Schreiner today giving me the go-ahead to use the “The Daguerreotypist” title for this web page. It was very energizing Read more »

Stuff and More Stuff

Still more web browsing. I am trying to figure out how to do this wonderful thing without spending too much money Read more »

Looking for Daguerreotypes

Nothing like a weekend to move things forward. I decided yesterday that I wanted to go see some Daguerreotypes for inspiration. I spent some time Read more »

Hot Links

Yesterday and today I only had enough time to do some more web searching on various websites. There is quite a bit of material out there Read more »

Mirror, Mirror

I had quite an interesting conversation with Mike King from Angel Gilding this morning. I sent him an email yesterday asking about the thickness of silver created on glass Read more »