Brought to Light

Shorter days. less light – cold and gloom. The holidays are not always conducive to creativity. In fact I find it hard to fight off a sort of lethargy at this time of year. That is why I look for opportunities to motivate myself when I can and today I found two of them. Read more »


Glass cutterYesterday I had some free time so I decided to try my hand at cutting some daguerreotype cover glasses. I plan to make my first daguerreotype attempts at sixth plate size using the Becquerel process, so I was going for 2 3/4″ by 3 1/4″ covers. I have had past experience cutting large pieces of glass for window repairs and I have not had much trouble with that, so I figured that it would be an easy project. Wrong. Read more »

New Clips, New Features

Ground Glass ClipIt has only taken me five months to get around to this, but I finally made a new set of ground glass clips for my 8×10 camera. I followed my own suggestion and did not try to replicate the original clip, but stuck to a very simple design instead. Total cost if you don’t count any tool purchases, about USD$1. Read more »


My Dwyer Vaneometer came in the mail on Friday and after a challenging weekend on Hospice duty I finally had a chance to unbox it today and test my fume hood. Success! Read more »

More small steps

I had a fair amount of time this weekend to work on things daguerreian and I made small progress on a number of fronts. I finally created a lens board for my camera – amazing how quick something can go when you have the right tools. Version 1 was made using a wonky old backsaw and didn’t fit right. V2 was made with my new Ryobi portable table saw and looks to have 1/32″ tolerances. Read more »